The school in Dub has been continuing in spring tasks of our project activity calendar. Children at the primary level and at the class for students with special needs focused on creating Art and Craft projects with spring topics. They created a collection of tree posters, 3D bird figures and 3D aquariums with fish. As usually, all the products are being used for decorating our long school corridors.


Zespół Szkół nr 11 w Jastrzębiu Zdroju realizuje międzynarodowy, interdyscyplinarny projekt unijny Comenius pt. "Virtualny Eden", poświęcony tematyce ochrony środowiska. W ramach tego przedsięwzięcia uczniowie klas IIa i IIb Szkoły Podstawowej nr 20 wraz ze swoja nauczycielką panią Marią Pacan, utworzyli Europejski Klub Bociana. Na korytarzu szkolnym powstała gazetka poświęcona bocianom. Więcej Polish storks
A short article about the Project and the European Stork Club activities written by MS. Maria Pacan.


The international school play about a stork that was looking for friends.

Save the White Stork - Art Competition

In Hungary people love storks. There are many songs, nursery rhymes, tales and poems about storks. Unfortunately there are
less and less storks in our country. To warn people, a public fondation launched an Art Competition for children in October 2009.
Some children in Stork Club decided to take part and they learnt about the storks lives.

2009_október_030_k.jpg 2009_október_034_k.jpg
Rajzpályázat_művei_012_k.jpg Rajzpályázat_művei_008_k.jpg Rajzpályázat_művei_003_k.jpg
Hungarian Stork Club


EUROPEAN STORK CLUB - **Europejski Klub Bociana**

Students will observe weather, collect food for birds and animals; they will dry flowers, and leaves to make Herbaria.

Storks in Poland

A very useful link : Storks in Poland in English


The Swedish White Stork Reintroduction Program

"The goal of the program is to reintroduce the white stork as a natural part of the Swedish fauna. We consider that goal to be reached when there is a migrating population of 100 free-breeding pairs": Storks in Sweden in English

Ornitology organisations and programmes in the Czech Republic

There are many national and local organisations in the Czech Republic focusing on bird monitoring, reintroducing endangered bird species into the nature, research and protection of birds. Some of them cooperate with other countries in Europe.
Useful links:
Natura 2000
Czech society for ornithology
Moravian ornithological society

Useful websites for drawing, painting and coloring birds

Czech children like coloring pictures a lot and on their first Bird day, October 27th, they worked with photos, pictures and their own coloring according to stated bird patterns.

Here are some useful sites with great coloring pages:

Coloring a specific bird.
50 birds Mall.

October Bird Day in Dub

On October 27th, a whole day project based on Stork Club activities was prepared for the youngest pupils in Dub nad Moravou school. Children were introduced to the most famous representatives of bird world in the Czech Republic, tried many interesting activities which extended their knowledge about birds´ life and learnt a few dances, songs and games with birds´ topics.
In our school, the Virtual Eden coordinator with primary teachers decided to carry out majority of activities planned for primary students as regular parts of lessons at a primary level ( forms 1 to 5 ). This integration into our school curriculum will be useful and helpful in order to ensure that all EDEN tasks will be brought to effect.

In the photo - presentation you can see children liked the project and they look forward to their next Bird Day.

Bird feeding, January 2010, Dub nad Moravou

The weather in Dub nad Moravou region has been very cold and snowy so the children from 1st and 2nd grades started working on bird feeders in January and prepared lots of delicious food for local birds. They used seeds, nuts and fat to make tasty and decorated bells which attract hungry birds to our school playground and help them survive this cruel winter.