Genius Contest Kiskunhalas

In grades 3and 4 children have taken part in English contest organised by our school. The best results are over 140 out of 149! Congratulations!
Celebration of Languages
As the member of the European Union we recognize that speaking foreign languages is important, but today only the minority of the Hungarian population speak foreign languages. This year a primary school in Kiskunhalas organised Festival of English and German Languages. Five primary schools and two secondary schools attended and intruduced their funny programmes such as songs, plays or dances. It was very interesting to see how many children like and speak these languages very well, and how much they liked celebrating together. The event was on local TV (from 8 min 40 sec) Our school has three numbers. Classes 1 and 2 introduced two funny German nursery songs and the English group sang and acted the funny story of the Sailor. Mr Zoltan Jeszenszky played the guitar that gave the perfect rhythm.
HalasTv Report
The photos were taken during the rehearsal in our gym.

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National Parks - a book
This is a very useful tool recommended by Caroline from Sweden. Have a look at what our students can create with it.
Publish your own children's book.
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Lewis Carroll Centenary Wood

Lewis Carroll Centenary Wood

About this wood

Lewis Carroll Centenary Wood can be found in rolling Cheshire countryside close to the village of Dutton. The site was planted in early 2000 to commemorate the centenary of the death of the Cheshire born author Lewis Carroll.

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