From: Lifelong Learning Programme COMENIUS Application form 2009 for School Partnership
The dissemination will be achieved at a national level towards the schools we are already in partnership in other projects, towards the institutions which are in charge of long-lasting development and the environment and towards the authorities in this field. Parents will be informed about project activities through leaflets, posters, articles in school magazines or web sites, homework suggestions, and parent meetings. Displays of children’s photos will be presented in public places: public libraries, town/village halls, culture centres, churches, supermarkets. The members of the group project will share their expertise during courses/meeting for other teachers.
At an international level, we will disseminate the results of the project towards European schools through the e-Twinning network, presenting periodically the results obtained at the end of each stage. We also have in mind informing the European institutions and authorities concerned with the protection of the environment about the development of this project.
The instruments through which we will disseminate will be: leaflets, CDs, brochures in the language of the project (English) and in the languages spoken in the partner schools , and the Wiki. The conference will be the final form of dissemination where the final joint report on the consequences of the pollution of air, water and soil will be presented. Apart from the schools involved in the project, in this conference will also take part other schools or European institutions interested in the results of the project.
Each working stage and project visit will end up with an article in the local and national newspapers or in the magazines from the participating countries.


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"Jastrząb" - an article about Virtual Eden, Comenius, A Slice of Bread in a Polish monthly magazine.

Jastrzębie Zdrój, 29 May - 2June 2010

The local television "Kanon": An Interview about the Comenius project


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Polish Society of Wildlife Friends =
Mrs Maria Pacan The Polish White Stork
Thank you for your active participation in the project Boci@n (Stork). All information about the nests and their pictures will be put in a nationwide database of white stork nests (www.bociany.pl) In the nationwide basis of activities in aid of the white stork we have put a note on the activities of your school and we are willing to add another account. …


In Dub nad Moravou school mainly the school wall board is used for informing students and teachers about project activities.
For public dissemination, a local newspaper has been used. We have written regular articles about our projects illustrated with photos, therefore local community knows about our participation in Comenius and our students´ mobilities.