Making Christmas decorations in Dub nad Moravou

According to our project acitivity calendar, November and December should be time of making Christmas decorations using mainly natural material. In our school in Dub, children from a special class for mentally handicaped students started their work on this task. They used poppy seeds, nut shells, grated coconut, tree fir needles, small fruit pits, lentils and some spice to make Christmas stars, Czech traditional Christmas fish, tree ornaments and other decorations. The best ones will be sent to all partner schools.

Advent in Kiskunhalas

Every afternoon children preparing for Christmas. Traditionally parents come to school and work together with the children.

Christmas cards and decorations from Comenius partner schools displayed in Dub nad Moravou

Christmas parcels from Poland and Hungary have arrived to the Czech Republic. We liked the decorations made of natural material. It is nice to observe how children at each school use different material, so we can learn something new from each-other.