BUCHAREST, Romania, 31MAY - 5JUNE 2011

  • Lot -Otopeni Airport - Arrival
  • Miasto - City
  • Park - Park
  • Etnolog - Ethnologist
  • Oficjalne otwarcie - Official opening
  • Impresje - Impressions ...
  • Lekcje 1-6 - Lesssons
  • Warsztaty - Workshop
  • Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport
  • Teatr- występy uczniów -Theatre - Students' Show
  • Wieczór rodziców - Parents' meeting
  • Impresje - Impressions ..
  • Zwiedzanie pałacu królewskiego - Visit to Cotroceni Palace
  • Zwiedzanie Parlamentu - Visit to The Palace of the Parliament
  • Lekcja biologii w Ogrodzie Botanicznym - Botanical Garden
  • Wieczór Karaoke - Fun Evening - karaoke
  • Impresje - Impressions ...
  • Zwiedzanie biblioteki uniwersyteckiej - University Library
  • Raport końcowy - praca zbiorowa koordynatorów - Joint Final Report
  • Wieczór nauczycieli - Teachers' Evening
  • Impresje - Impressions ...
  • Pożegnanie - odlot - Departure
  • Impresje - Impressions ...

The meeting in Romania started officially on June 1st, at 6pm with the speeches of the coordinators of the fourth schools and of the headteacher of the Romanian school, 186 “Elena Vãcãrescu”.
On June 2ndall the participants visited lessons and took part in workshops organised by the Romanian teachers. At noon the Comenius Alley was planted in the garden of our school. Four fir trees are new symbols of the harmony and cooperation among four European countries, After this event an official meeting was organised at the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. The project coordinators talked about the activities done through these two years (2009-2011), about its final products and its benefits. Representatives of the Ministry praised the involvement of the teachers and students who contributed to the achievement of the project objectives. Mrs Maria Angheluta and Mrs Liliana Preoteara told the guests a few words about the Romanian educational system. In the afternoon our partners watched a show organised by the Romanian teachers and students. The young actors danced, sang, played the piano, recited and acted on the stage of the “Tandarica Theatre”.
June 3rd started with a visit to Catroceni palace where the participants found out interesting things about the history of Romania. The next visit was to The Palace of the Parliament. Our guests became familiar with some facts about “the golden age” of Ceauşescu’s dictatorial regime.
The next activity on the same day was a workshop in the Botanical Garden, where participants acquired information about different species of plants. They visited the outside department, inside department and The Botanical Museum. Lack of time prevented us from doing other workshops. In the evening everyone enjoyed a karate party.
June 4th was reserved for The International Conference where the results of The “Virtual Eden: project were disseminated. Guests from Poland, Hungary and the Czech republic and also representatives of the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport attended this conference organised by School 186 “Elena Vãcãrescu”. The speakers presented “The Comenius Alley”, “The Photo Competition”, “The Virtual Garden”, “Research Trips”, etc. The most important part was the joint “Scientific Report” presented by the Romanian coordinator together with one of the students greatly involved in the activities of our programme, Teodor Nistor. After the conference, everybody was guided through The Academy of Economic Studies and was given useful information about academic education as well.
After a break, the coordinators had a meeting to discus about the final report for the national Agencies. They had the festive dinner as a good-bye party.
The foreign partners left on June5th in the morning.
Mihaela Mladenovici